When you create an account with Ethika Global Consulting, is there a broker?

When you create an account with Ethika Global Consulting, is there a broker and services assigned to the customer?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: The client does not open with us, we are the managers. Customer opens the account with the broker and the broker with the Bank depositary. The customer has always personalized attention because the person, who has contacted him from Ethika Global Consulting, always can attend you from his mobile phone. But at the same time the broker has a service back office 24 h where you could make any questions at any time about anything you don’t understand. At the same time, the customer has an application on his mobile phone or computer where you can see 24 h a day what is happening with their money in a transparent manner, always.

What volume of business does Ethika Global Consulting have? How much money does the company move?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Depends on the months because there are months that we can do more business or less, but we are among the 1,500 and 2, 000 M€ in operations per month.

What forecasts have you got for next year?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: We have an expansion plan through our network and we hope to double our capital in the next year and would double our turnover and operating at the market level.

There are intentions of making an international expansion?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Right now we are in process to open our own broker in London, which would allow us to have amplitude for access customers around the world. We also have some collaborative project in Asia but it is still in the beginning stages. But the idea is above all to develop this own broker where we will start to have much more control over the market and we will not have geographical limits.

Do you think on possible investments in new offices of Ethika Global Consulting?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: Right now we have offices in Barcelona and Madrid, where we have a tiny office that’s only to serve our customers, and the idea in the future would be to have a larger representation at our office in Madrid, but at the international level, apart from what we have in London, we don’t have any intention of doing more things.

Objectives for the future?

Manuel Nogueron Resalt: There are many dreams. We would like to create the first fund which will operate in foreign-exchange trading in the market. We have started to work on it but it’s complicated and we need the market to develop more in some geographical areas. And there are some more additional dreams of creating a club of Ethika Global Consulting where we would have headquarters, a small office, where our partners could meet and explain or comment between each other, including positions that are on the market. A kind of club where to talk about currency, but these are dreams still, maybe in the future we can achieve this.

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Ethika Global Consulting inicia su expansión internacional con un bróker de divisas en Londres

Ethika Global Consulting, especializada en gestión de cuentas delmercado de divisas, ha iniciado los trámites para crear un bróker de divisas, con sede en Londres, que permitirá a la compañía operar en Forex (mercado de divisas).

Según ha informado la firma en un comunicado, este paso va en la línea con los planes de crecimiento y expansión internacional de la empresa, ya que la obtención de una licencia financiera de Forex en Londres le ofrecerá numerosas opciones de crecimiento.

En este contexto, Ethika Global Consulting ha puesto en marcha la operativa para el cumplimiento de diferentes requisitos de capital, técnicos y legales necesarios para obtener una licencia de bróker Forex.

Esta licencia permite a su tomador la capacidad de operar con fondos de terceros con normalidad el mercado de divisas, según ha destacado la firma.

La compañía, que dirige Manel Noguerón Resalt, tiene oficinas en Barcelona y ha abierto oficinas en Madrid, desde donde ofrecen novedosos sistemas de trading, que permiten operar en el mercado de divisas de manera controlada gracias a la diversificación del patrimonio del cliente.

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